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20 famous fathers and sons

Like father, like son? When the dad is famous, that may well be the case! Many a son has followed in the high-profile footsteps of his father, with some even becoming more known than their pops. Here are 20 such prolific father-son duos.

Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann’s Relationship Timeline

Mariska Hargitay should thank Law & Order: Special Victims Unit for more than decades on the air. The hit NBC drama also introduced her to husband Peter Hermann. The couple, who tied the knot in August 2004, began their lasting relationship after the Younger star made a guest appearance on the show during season 3 in 2002. Hermann continued his role as Trevor Langan to Hargitay’s Olivia Benson throughout the series’ run, popping in from time to time as their offscreen romance thrived. Two years after their wedding, the pair welcomed son August in June 2006. They kept expanding their family in 2011, adopting daughter Amaya and son Andrew within months of each other. While the actors remain private the majority of the time, Hargitay opened up to Us Weekly in June 2018 about balancing her professional success with motherhood. “It’s hard. I’m not going to say it’s easy, it’s hard. I’m learning to [balance]. I try to be super present with where I am,” she explained. “When I’m at work, I’m at work. When I’m with my kids, I’m with my kids.” Still, the Emmy winner knows how to make it all work — with help from Hermann, of course. “There are days I go home and just cry. There have been days when I didn’t see my kids. Those are the days I’m like, ‘Maybe I’m done [filming Law & Order: SVU],’” she admitted. “But now, this is a gift of doing something for 20 years. We’re such a well-oiled machine. I go in there and I’m like, ‘Guys, I’ve got a kids thing. I’m out.’ They’re like, ‘Got it, boom.’” Hargitay also knows the importance of alone time with the actor, whom she frequently jets away with on travels around the world. Not only do fans admire Hargitay’s marriage to Hermann, but they also ship her SVU character with Christopher Meloni’s alter ego Elliot Stabler, who is Benson’s former partner. After the trio were jokingly referred to as one of the most “progressive marriages in Hollywood,” the Blue Bloods star noted on E! News’ Daily Pop in May 2021, “We make it work.” In fact, the actors are all friends off screen. “Sometimes Chris and I have some things to negotiate, but we’ve gotten really good at communicating with each other,” Hermann said. “There’s a lot of give and take. In the end, all three of us are really happy.” Scroll to relive the duo’s relationship timeline!

‘Reacher’ Star Alan Ritchson’s Wife And Three Kids Were Rear Ended In A Frightening Car Accident

Alan Ritchson revealed that his family was involved in a scary car accident. Fortunately, the “Reacher” actor’s wife and three sons- Calem, 9, Edan, 7 and Amory, 6- were fine following the Friday crash. “Big shoutout to @gmc for building a truck that could take it on the chin like a champ. You kept my wife

Prince Andrew used to play hide and seek with his teddy bears

Prince Andrew is very strict when it comes to the positioning of his teddy bears - unless he was playing hide and seek with them.

How to host a complete Super Bowl party using only your slow cooker

Make no mistake, hosting a Super Bowl gathering is tough. Insanely tough. You have to wrangle your friends away from their homes, ensure you have ample seating, and deal with those jerks that just watch the game "for the commercials." Luckily, preparing the food for the party is the easiest part of the whole process.

Celebrity birthdays for Jan. 23

Celebrity Birthdays for Jan. 23: Nobel Prize-winning Toronto chemist John Polanyi is 93. Actress Chita Rivera is 89. Actor-director Lou Antonio is 88. Jazz vibraphonist Gary Burton is 79. Actor Gil Gerard is 79. Singer Anita Pointer of the Pointer Sisters is 74. Actor Richard Dean Anderson ("MacGyver") is 72. Canadian musician Kevan Staples, formerly of Rough Trade, is 72. Pilot Chesley (Sully) Sullenberger is 71. Singer-guitarist Robin Zander...

Shawn Mendes Tumbles Down A Hiking Trail While Posing Shirtless For A ‘Thirst Trap’ Photo

Gravity is working against Shawn Mendes. The 23-year-old singer slipped and fell down a dirt path during his Friday hike at Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles. But, It’ll be okay, because Mendes is mocking the stumble on Instagram. In his most recent post, the singer is seen posing shirtless on the trail with the L.A. cityscape

Meat Loaf dead at 74: Susan Sarandon, Donald Trump, Jimmy Kimmel, Cher and more mourn the legend

Many in film, music and politics are publicly honoring Meat Loaf after his passing.

Kanye West and new girlfriend Julia Fox twin in denim-on-denim looks, plus more celeb couples who dress alike

Take a look back at celebrity couples who dress alike -- from Kravis and Bennifer to David and Victoria Beckham and many, many more!

‘The Walking Dead’ Teases A Gruesome End With Action-Packed Trailer For Part 2 Of Final Season

The 11th and final season of “The Walking Dead” is almost here. Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon can be heard saying in the newly-released trailer: “We survived everything for what? Keep fighting and killing each other?” as he leads his fellow survivors against the Commonwealth soldiers. “There’s no turning back,” the clip teases. Season 11, part

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From sprawling estates to charming cottages.

The 30 best video games ever

Hundreds of video games have been released every year over the past decade, but only some have managed to win the hearts of players and critics. Here is a list of the 30 best video games of all time.

Charlie Puth Breaks A Sweat In ‘Light Switch’ Music Video

Charlie Puth is flicking a switch in the new music video for “Light Switch”. Puth, 30, made the transition from Fat Thor (“Avengers: Endgame”) to Fit Thor in his latest visuals. The song serves as his first song of 2022 and will find a home on his eponymous third studio album, Charlie. “On the songwriting

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Stacker compiled a list of every Disneyland attraction open in the park as of 2021 using real-time data from Touring Plans.

Luke Evans Saw A Scorpion In His Bathroom While Filming New Thriller Series In Columbia

Luke Evans got a taste of the “jungle life” after he discovered a scorpion in his bathroom. Despite being known for his fearless, heroic characters, like his role as Bard in “The Hobbit”, the actor was left terrified after spotting the eight-legged, predatory creature. The 42-year-old, who is currently in Columbia filming his new Apple TV+

Fictional bars where we’d like to have a drink

May 19 is the 30th anniversary of the film “Road House,” starring Patrick Swayze and Sam Elliott, which is set in a Missouri honky-tonk called The Double Deuce. Despite it being a fictional establishment, we started pondering whether or not we’d want to saddle up to the bar for a drink there — or at any number of watering holes from film and TV.

Buzzzz-o-Meter: Stars Are Buzzing About This Everyday Workout Gear

Heating up in Hollywood! If you love fashionable activewear or if you’re searching for a line of sustainable beauty products, Us Weekly has you covered. Find out what celebrities are buzzing about this week by scrolling through the photos!

Kanye West and Julia Fox twin in denim as they reunite in Miami

Kanye West and his new girlfriend Julia Fox made their sizzling red carpet debut on Sunday - as they twinned in denim outfits for the Kenzo Paris Fashion Week show.

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Kanye West isn't Julia Fox's first billionaire boyfriend, plus more news

More details emerge about Adele's 11th hour cancelation, Goldie Hawn dishes on celebs and politics and more celeb news for Jan. 22, 2022.

Artem Chigvintsev Exits 'DWTS' Tour After 'Unexpected Health Issues'

Final curtain call. Artem Chigvintsev announced on Thursday, January 20, that he will be taking a break from the Dancing With the Stars tour for his health. Dancing With the Stars' Hottest Hookups Through the Years Read article “Hi DWTS family – My time on tour so far has been wonderful – unfortunately I am having to step away from tour for a while...

From Eurovision to SNL, Måneskin Suits Up for Their Saturday Night Live Debut

Måneskin, the Italian rockers who won Eurovision 2021, joined host Will Forte on Saturday Night Live to perform "I Wanna Be Your Slave" and "Beggin'"

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The 25 best episodes of 'Arrested Development', ranked

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YouTube channels that can help boost your mood

It's mind-boggling how much content there is to choose from on the internet. How is anybody supposed to choose where to spend his or her time? Lately, an ongoing—often stressful, worrisome, or flat-out terrifying, too—news cycle has become unavoidable, and a negative effect on your mood probably feels inescapable.

Brian Cox Details Memoir

“Succession” star Brian Cox discusses his memoir “Putting the Rabbit in the Hat”, opening up about his childhood, and his struggles with depression after completing the book.

The Zodiac Sign Best at Lying, According to an Astrologer

According to an astrologer, there is a zodiac sign best at lying compared to the others. See which one is best (or worst?) out of them all.

Joshua Jackson Excited For New Production Company

Chatting with Carlos Bustamante about his new Showcase drama

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Stacker compiled data on the top 50 rock albums from the 21st century according to Best Ever Albums, which ranks albums on 40,000 editorial and data-based charts.

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Check out some of the best looks from Sundance Film Festivals past.

Megan Murphy joins 4th Line Theatre

MILLBROOK — Local actor Megan Murphy has joined 4th Line Theatre as its associate artistic director-special projects, and, as part of the company’s 30th anniversary celebrations in 2022, will write a play about the Peter Robinson migration from Ireland to Peterborough in the 1820s. 2025 marks the 200th anniversary of the migration and 4th Line plans to debut this new play to mark the anniversary, states a news release. “This will be the perfect...

SNL: Kristen Wiig and Willem Dafoe Crash Host Will Forte's Opening Monologue

Will Forte hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time, over a decade after his eight-year run as a cast member

The most memorable characters from Kevin Smith's View Askewniverse

Kevin Smith's View Askewniverse has brought us classic, and some beloved, films like Clerks , Mallrats, and Chasing Amy . Of course, those movies are memorable because of the characters that told the stories while making us laugh, cringe and even cry -- on occasion. Here's a look at 20 of the most entertaining.

The most expensive movies ever, and why they cost so much

From Avatar to The Avengers, why the most expensive movies cost so much to produce and how they performed at the box office.

The Most Famous TikTok Couples Still Together Today

Finding love online. Some of TikTok’s biggest stars have made headlines for their romantic relationships — but only a few influencers have formed lasting relationships. Dixie D’Amelio, for one, has proved the haters wrong by going the distance with Noah Beck. The Connecticut native started dating the Sway House member in September 2020, following her public split from ex-boyfriend Griffin Johnson. At first, they decided to keep things under wraps, but after a month together, Beck revealed that he and D’Amelio were more than friends. “There was this lifeguard tower that we always used to sit at, and just talk and stuff,” Beck recalled in an October 2020 YouTube video. “So, basically, I took her to Malibu on September 25, we went to the lifeguard post and I decorated it with candles. … I came back when I was done decorating, walked her there — and she knew what was happening, I think. Then, I just popped the question.” D’Amelio received backlash from social media users during the early days of their relationship. After the couple teamed up for a December 2020 YouTube video in which they both took a lie detector test, some commenters claimed the “Psycho” singer wasn’t reciprocating Beck’s love for her. Months later, she addressed the negative comments that stemmed from the lie detector test video during an April 2021 episode of her YouTube series, The Early Late Night Show. “I’m very emotional. I get very upset easily, so I was a little upset with him with some of his answers, which ended up not even being true,” D’Amelio explained at the time. “I just wasn’t ready to put my heart out there like that. I feel like over these past six months, I’ve gradually been able to do that more. So, that’s why I think I came off a little rude in the lie detector test. You just live and learn.” The budding songstress and former soccer star have continued to show off their love to their millions of followers via social media. The duo even spoke candidly about the public’s perception of their relationship during an episode of Hulu’s The D’Amelio Show, which premiered in September 2021. “People saying, ‘I won’t believe in love if they don’t last’ — that’s a lot of pressure coming from people,” D’Amelio explained. “Because we’re doing the best we can to just be our happiest selves in our relationship, and now we feel like people rely on our relationship.” Keep scrolling to see which TikTok stars are still together:

NHL photo of the day: Best of the 2021-22 season

Take a look through the best action from around the NHL with one great photo from each day of the 2021-22 season.

Adrian Grenier: A Day in My Life

Everyone deserves a break! Adrian Grenier has his plate full with work, but even stars find time for vacation. The Entourage alum, 45, recently traveled to Miami for a relaxing getaway, but prior to his trip, he opened up about his quiet life in Texas, where he plans to stay “for the foreseeable future.” “I used to just fly over Texas,” Grenier exclusively told Us Weekly in July 2021, noting that he found it “funny” that he settled down in the state. “I always thought that I’d end up moving [to] upstate New York. But I do really, really love Texas. I love the heat. I love the weather. [Spending] many years in New York as a young child, it was just too cold. I’m over it. I can do without the cold these days. Twenty years ago, I would not have believed that I’d be living in Texas on a ranch outside the city. It’s a weird dream come true.” Now that the actor has found his home base, he hopes that a family is in his future. “I’m always ready [to have kids],” he revealed at the time. “I grew up as an only child so I crave family. I crave community. I’m always, always ready for that.” After years in show business, Grenier has taken the time to reflect on some of his most well-known projects, including The Devil Wears Prada. More than a decade after the 2006 rom-com’s release, he reacted to criticism of his character, Nate. “When that whole thing [about Nate being the ‘real villain’ of the film] first came out, I couldn’t get my head around it. I didn’t understand it. Perhaps it was because I wasn’t mature as a man, just as Nate probably could’ve used a little growing up,” the New Mexico native told Entertainment Weekly in June 2021. “I was just as immature as him at the time, so I couldn’t see his shortcomings, but after taking time to reflect and much deliberation online, I can realize the truth in that perspective. Nate hadn’t grown up, but [Anne Hathaway’s character] Andy had. … She needed more out of life, and she was achieving it.” While Hathaway, 39, defended her onscreen boyfriend, Grenier doubled down. “He couldn’t support her like she needed because he was a fragile, wounded boy,” he added. “On behalf of all the Nates out there: Come on! Step it up!” Want to see Grenier’s day in action? Keep scrolling through the photos below to discover how he spends his time.

From Bob Saget to the Olsen twins - where are the cast of Full House now?

Leann Hunley Played Dana Waring on 'Dynasty.' See Her Now at 66.

Leann Hunley starred on the soap operas "Dynasty" and "Days of Our Lives." Find out what the actor is doing now.