Deadpool & Wolverine | Shanghai Fan Event

Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and director Shawn Levy greet fans at the Shanghai Film Art Centre to kick off the #DeadpoolAndWolverine global tour! Get tickets to see it in theaters July 26: ► Watch Marvel on Disney+: ► Subscribe to Marvel on YouTube: Follow Marvel on Twitter: ‪ Like Marvel on Facebook: ‪ Reward your Marvel fandom by joining Marvel Insider! Earn points, then redeem for awesome rewards. Terms and conditions apply. Learn more at

Tyrion Lannister Has A Confession | Game Of Thrones | HBO

Let the gods decide. The HBO Original Series #GameOfThrones is streaming on @StreamOnMax. ABOUT HBO HBO is home to the shows and films that everyone is talking about, from groundbreaking series and documentaries to the biggest blockbuster movies. About Max: Max is the culture-defining entertainment service for every mood. With a variety of genres that include your favorite series and movies from iconic brands and treasured franchises, it delivers irresistible stories every time. From reuniting with life-long favorites to uncovering new ones you haven’t discovered yet, there's something for every moment, every feeling, every you. It’s all here. Iconic series, award-winning movies, fresh originals, and family favorites featuring the worlds of Harry Potter, the DC Universe, and HBO. Discover the best entertainment for every mood. Introducing Max – the one to watch. #WarnerBrosDiscovery #streamonmax #theonetowatch SUBSCRIBE TO HBO GET MAX MORE HBO Official Site: Follow HBO on Instagram: Follow HBO on TikTok: Follow HBO on Twitter: Like HBO on Facebook:

Tim Hortons celebrates anniversary with Timbit-themed musical

Tim Hortons is celebrating its 60th anniversary with a comedic musical by Come From Away producer Michael Rubinoff. The Last Timbit recounts the real-life story of strangers waiting out a ferocious blizzard in a Tim Hortons.

20 facts you might not know about 'The Addams Family'

They’re creepy, and they’re kooky. There’s no denying that. We’ve got 20 altogether kooky facts about The Addams Family you might not know.

Nicolas Cage on why he finds the horror genre liberating

While promoting "Longlegs," Nicolas Cage says he finds the horror and sci-fi genres liberating because of the creative risks they allow filmmakers and performers. (July 8).

Bringing Virtual Production to Doctor Who | Behind the Scenes | Boom | Doctor Who

Virtual magic! Here's how the "war-torn" world of Kastarion 3 was brought to life on the set of BOOM... 🪐🎬 #DoctorWho Subscribe to Doctor Who for more exclusive videos: WATCH MORE: Compilations: Regenerations: Title Sequences: MORE ABOUT DOCTOR WHO: Welcome to the Doctor Who Channel! Travel in the TARDIS with clips dating back to the Doctor's first incarnation in 1963, all the way through dozens of regenerations. Including behind-the-scenes footage, exclusive videos and our very own show Doctor Who: The Fan Show - this is the place to find all the best official clips. #DoctorWho This is a commercial channel from BBC Studios. Service information and feedback:

Netflix smash hit watched another 7 million times in a week

How many of these notoriously terrible movies have you watched?

Stacker researched films that are so bad they're good, spotlighting 25 of them based on IMDb user ratings or Metascores.

For Nicolas Cage, making a serial killer horror movie was a healing experience

LOS ANGELES (AP) — When Nicolas Cage first read the script for “Longlegs” and considered playing the titular serial killer, he knew exactly where he'd draw his inspiration from: his mother.

Giants on Hard Knocks: 9 things we learned from Episode 3

On Tuesday night, episode 3 of "Hard Knocks: Offseason with the New York Giants" aired and focused entirely on free agency,

The 25 best anime movies

In the past few decades, anime films have been taking the genre to new heights--to new worlds our list is here to explore.

‘Time Bandits’ show reinvigorates Monty Python film with Lisa Kudrow-led ensemble

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Adapting a cult-classic film into a television series is a daunting task, but for Lisa Kudrow and her collaborators on “Time Bandits,” that challenge just meant there was more room for exploration.

15 TV Shows That Were Canceled on Cliffhangers

Some television shows are works of art from the get-go. They have compelling storylines, superb actors, and excellent writing. Others could be better but have enough potential to hold your interest until they hit their stride by season two. Unfortunately, some of these shows are canceled before they can grow in popularity. Worst of all, they were left on cliffhangers that fans still want to see resolved.

Anya Taylor-Joy's Electrifying Dance Scene from Last Night in Soho | TUNE

Anya Taylor-Joy and Matt Smith perform an impressive dance scene in Last Night in Soho From Last Night In Soho (2021): An aspiring fashion designer is mysteriously able to enter the 1960s, where she encounters a dazzling wannabe singer. However, the glamour is not all it appears to be, and the dreams of the past start to crack and splinter into something far darker. Watch Last Night In Soho In Full Here: *** Welcome to TUNE, a channel that celebrates the musical moments in film. From the movie musicals to the musical biopic, we'll be bringing you iconic scenes and the tunes you love! Subscribe here: / @tunemusicalmoments #anyataylorjoy #matthsmith #musicals #tune

On stage, one of Japan's biggest Kabuki stars changes roles in an instant. Offstage, it took decades

TOKYO (AP) — Onstage, Danjuro Ichikawa, one of the biggest stars of Japan's Kabuki theater, is a virtuoso in switching roles.

15 places you’ve probably visited that feature in blockbuster films

The best 'Star Trek' episode of all time, according to fans. Plus, see if your favorite ranks in the top 25.

The original "Star Trek" aired over half a century ago, and Stacker has boldly gone and compiled the 25 best episodes, according to IMDb ratings.

Best Pierce Brosnan Movies Ranked

Pierce Brosnan first arrived on the acting scene in a significant way with his role as the titular protagonist in the TV series Remington Steele. His time during the series as a private investigator set Brosnan up well for his ground-breaking role as James Bond in four movies. The best Pierce Brosnan movies impress, whether a James Bond flick or a toe-tapping musical. Brosnan has done it all, from high-budget action flicks to more comedic and grounded efforts. The below best Pierce Brosnan movies of all time showcase the titles fans of the charming Irish actor should check out.

Taylor Swift Calls Switzerland 'Stunningly Beautiful' as She Wraps First-Ever Shows in the Country

"The Eras Tour has brought so many firsts with it… for example, I'd never been to Switzerland before," the pop star wrote on Instagram after wrapping her two shows

11 Movies Based On A True Story That Are Full Of Lies

Ah, the movies. They can make us laugh, cry, and believe in the unbelievable. We can be taken to places we’ve never been, and experience stories we never thought possible. But what about when the stories are based on real events? How can we tel

Gordon Ramsay Rides a Bull 🦬 | DOUBLE EPISODE | The F Word

Jonathan Ross faces kitchen interrogation as Gordon revives tripe with teens; Janet Street Porter critiques Bernard Matthews, and Gordon teaches fast family food. Sara Cox challenges with chilli con carne, and Gavin the lamb returns. Tough female police cook roast pigeon, skate, and pain perdu. Gordon herds wild buffalo in Scotland for the first Scottish Buffalo Mozzarella, challenging Ian 'Beefy' Botham in the Cliff Richard Celebrity Wine Challenge. Janet Street Porter introduces Gordon to a new superfood - blood. Lastly, four housewives from Nottingham then cook a three-course meal in the week's restaurant challenge. ❗️Subscribe and join Gordon Ramsay on his unforgettable experiences! Welcome to The F Word's official channel - your ultimate culinary escape with the one and only Gordon Ramsay! Get ready to dive into the heart of The F Word (also known as Gordon Ramsay's F Word), an electrifying show packed with mouthwatering recipes, behind-the-scenes food magic, and the hottest celebrity food trends. ____________________________________________ 📌 Follow The F Word on Facebook: 📌 To find out more about Gordon Ramsay visit: 📌 Gordon Ramsay on Facebook: #TheFWord #GordonRamsay #Food #Cooking #CelebrityChefs

The essential Willie Nelson playlist

Flip through the gallery for an essential playlist of Nelson's finest songs, from his cover of "Georgia On My Mind" to the quintessential "Whiskey River."

Thelma - Movie Review

Start speaking a new language in 3 weeks with Babbel 🎉. Get up to 60% OFF your subscription ➡Here: Chris Stuckmann reviews Thelma, starring June Squibb, Richard Roundtree, Fred Hechinger, Parker Posey, Clark Gregg. Directed by Josh Margolin.

How to STAND OUT as a SMALL Channel on YouTube in 2024

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Stephen Colbert found this part of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s RNC speech ‘absolutely chilling’

Stephen Colbert found this part of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s RNC speech ‘absolutely chilling’ - Stephen Colbert also touched on the need to ‘tone down’ rhetoric

10 best movies to watch on a new free streaming service

You don't even need to sign up.

Inside the unlikely romance of JD Vance and wife Usha Chilukuri Vance, from Yale Law to a Kentucky wedding

Inside the unlikely romance of JD Vance and wife Usha Chilukuri Vance, from Yale Law to a Kentucky wedding - When JD Vance began law school at Yale, the Rust Belt native encountered total culture shock — but also met his wife, the whipsmart daughter of Indian immigrants who helped him navigate the Ivy League, healthy relationships and his run for Vice President alongside Donald Trump. Sheila Flynn chronicles their romance

10 FEEL GOOD Funny Auditions!

Check out these 10 FEEL GOOD funny auditions from AGT and BGT that will make you laugh out loud! Subscribe for Amazing Auditions ▶︎ #amazingauditions #agt #bgt

9 actors who are biggest contenders to play James Bond

Linda Ronstadt Through the Years: Her Life in Photos

Linda Ronstadt retired from performing more than a decade ago, but her voice will always be a cornerstone of pop music. Born in Tucson, Arizona, in 1947, Ronstadt began her professional singing career in the 1960s as a vocalist with The Stone Poneys. Ronstadt and her bandmates, Bobby Kimmel and Kenny Edwards, recorded three albums together before she went solo. Ronstadt became a pop icon in the 1970s, reigning over the radio and dethroning rock heavyweights like Elton John and Led Zeppelin on the charts. Her 1974 album, Heart Like a Wheel, became her first No. 1 album in the United States, and in 2013, the Library of Congress inducted it into the National Recording Registry. Throughout the 1980s, Ronstadt expanded into other genres, recording a country album with Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris and releasing her first collection of traditional Mexican mariachi music. She continued recording throughout the 1990s but released her last solo album in 2004. Seven years later, she retired from performing after developing progressive supranuclear palsy. Despite the fact that she can no longer sing, Ronstadt still feels grateful to have spent so many years in music. "I just feel whatever I've got now is gravy. I feel like I was lucky," she said during a 2013 interview with NPR's Terry Gross. "I got to live out a lot of my dreams, and I got to, you know, sing with all these wonderful people like Emmylou and Aaron Neville and Smokey Robinson." Keep scrolling for a look back at Ronstadt's life and career through the years:

10 of the Most Expensive TV Shows to Produce in TV History

One show spent over $700 million on its first season.

The Most Important Icons of the '90s

From celebrities you might have forgotten to the all-time greats.

Sade: 8 Captivating Facts About the Enigmatic Queen of Sensual '80s Music

There are rumors that she might be releasing new music soon!

Eva Longoria on mastering Castilian Spanish, working with Carmen Maura on 'Land of Women'

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Eva Longoria is not one to shy away from a challenge.

27 Actors and Actresses Whose Performances Always Command Attention

A surefire sign of acting talent is when there mere mention of the actor's name commands everyone's attention.

Nelly Furtado's emotional return to the stage

CityNews' Music Reporter spoke with international star, Canadas own Nelly Furtado about her new album 'Seven'.

Movie Review: Finding love and followers atop urban heights in 'Skywalkers: A Love Story'

The force is not strong in “Skywalkers: A Love Story,” a shallow “Man on Wire” for social media influencers about a pair of Russian daredevils who stealthily scale urban heights to attain the precious treasure of a much-liked Instagram post.

Diljit Dosanjh concert in Toronto wraps up notable North American tour

Toronto is set to experience a musical performance unlike any other. Rogers Centre is welcoming Diljit Dosanjh, one of world's biggest Punjabi superstars. Afua Baah has more.

Songs of the South: 20 essential Southern rock classics

Flip through the slideshow for 20 songs that should be on your essential Southern rock playlist, from Lynyrd Skynyrd standards to deeper cuts from Molly Hatchet and the Allman Brothers Band.

Singer Ingrid Andress says she was drunk during panned MLB anthem performance, will get treatment

After a widely panned performance of the U.S. national anthem at the MLB Home Run Derby, country singer Ingrid Andress apologized Tuesday and said she was drunk.

12 pop stars who had ‘normal jobs’ before they became famous

Megan Moroney Shares What She's Learned from Kenny Chesney's Tour Routine: 'Ice Baths,' No Booze, and More (Exclusive)

Moroney, whose second album 'Am I Okay?' dropped July 12, is spending her summer on the road with the country "legend"

Jamie Oliver claims he wants children to 'struggle' for fears of being 'vanilla'

He doesn't want life to be 'too easy'

Adele Planning to Step Back From Music: ‘I Want a Big Break'

The singer's most recent album, "30," was released in 2021.

The 20 most iconic episodes of ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’

With hundreds of episodes, many from the show’s golden era stand out as the most iconic and remind viewers why the show became such a hit in the first place.

“Despicable Me” Breaks Record to Become First Animated Franchise to Cross $5 Billion at Box Office

Only 14 other movies had crossed the $5 billion box office threshold in film history

Jimmy Stewart: It's a Wonderful American Life

James Maitland Stewart is that rare and admirable human being who could truthfully claim that everyone liked him. During his lifetime and in the years since, it was virtually impossible to find anyone recording a bad word against him, or relating an anecdote in which he appeared less than a gentleman. His distinctive drawl, coupled with his hesitant, stuttering vocal delivery made his voice instantly recognizable, and when it was heard, it was heeded. Late in his long and distinguished career, he provided the voiceover for a major soup company’s television commercials. He did not appear in the advertisements. Campbell’s reported hundreds of telephone calls to their offices, demanding to know if that was really Jimmy’s voice promoting their soup. It really was. → Subscribe for new videos at least twice a week! Love content? Check out our other YouTube Channels: Geographics: TopTenz: Eric's Stuff: Alien Video Essay: Storyrant: Free Scifi Horror Ebook: Link Tree to other Books and Socials: Karl's Socials: Fact Fiend: @FactFiend Wiki Weekends: @wikiweekends Untitled Side Channel: @untitledsidechannel Twitter: Further Reading: Jimmy Stewart Museum pays,operated by the actor's father.

The biggest rock songs of the 1960s, based on Billboard data

Stacker looked at the #1 rock songs of the 1960s using data from the Billboard Hot 100 and MusicBrainz, an open music encyclopedia via the University of Waterloo.

42 of the Most Romantic Date Ideas Ever

It's never a bad time to plan an over-the-top date night with your partner, but if you need some romantic date ideas as inspo, that's where we've come in.

20 animated films meant for kids but appeal to adults

We typically think of animated films as a genre for children, but plenty are just as beloved by adults.